Online Casino Bonus

Online casino bonus systems and the scalpers

The proprietors of the online gambling portals know that the online casino bonus systems are the best means to lure more customers to their portal. For quite some time scalpers have been creating problems for the owners of these gaming portals.

They just join a site, collect the online casino bonus and then leave the site. The online gambling portals were losing a great amount of revenue due to these scalpers. The owners could not discontinue the system too because these bonuses were necessary for competing with other portals and drawing new clients.

It was to address these problems that the rules of online casino bonus systems were changed. The new systems required that the player had to complete several steps before they were eligible to collect the bonuses issued by the online gambling portal. The scalpers have found a way to beat this system too. This is a cat and mouse game and it will keep on continuing. The moment a new system is implemented, holes are found in the same. Till a foolproof system is found and implemented by the owners, the online casino bonus systems will continue to be a headache for them.