Microgaming Deposit Bonus

Get more value for your money with Microgaming deposit bonus. Why should you be satisfied with just a 100% top up of the initial sign up amount that is offered by most casinos when you can get a whopping extra 50%. Yes… online casinos that are powered by this industry leader now offer Microgaming deposit bonuses that offer you a sum of 150% of your initial deposit.

It is high time that you staked your claim today and got those additional playing dollars in your pocket. Now you understand how your neighbor plays much longer than you for the same amount of money when he signs up at a new casino. You can be rest assured that he is signing up at an online casino that is powered by Microgaming… the king of gaming coders. Professional gamers love this coding house from the Isle of Man just because of innovations like this one.

Microgaming deposit bonuses do not end at paying you just 50% extra. Apart from that they also offer you 50 slot spins for free. Now this has got to be the best deal in the world. Not only do you increase your playing money by a whopping 150% immediately on signing up, you also get the opportunity of playing 30 to 50 spins for free. Can you imagine how much this increases your odds of winning? Make your presence felt in the world where the excitement never stops… only play in sites that provide a Microgaming deposit bonus.