Different types of free online casino bonus

There are different types of free online casino bonus and different types of players prefer them. While the professional online gambler prefers one type of free online casino bonus, the amateurs, who visit the online casinos for the first time, prefer the other ones.

The professionals love the bonus scheme that doubles up their sign-up amount, thus providing them with an additional amount of cash. They know the calculations and know that this extra amount of money will help them to get a better opportunity to win the games hosted by the online gambling houses.

The gamblers love another type of free bonus money which is the spins. However they do prefer the no deposit free bonus scheme since it provides them with free cash without any investment from their side. Though the amount of money in this scheme is relatively less compared to the other bonus scheme, it provides the amateurs with a toe hold on the online gambling world. However, both professionals and amateurs both love free online casino bonus schemes.